Morris Joinery are proud to be certificated users of Accoya®.

Accoya® is a modified timber. The original timber species (Radiata Pine) goes through an Acetylation process which changes the molecular structure of the timber, making a more durable and stable product.

Thermal movement is minimal and the expected lifespan is 60 years.

The wood used is also manufactured from sustainable sources and in terms of carbon footprint, Accoya® performs better than metals, plastic and unsustainably sourced timber.

Accoya® solid wood technology is an acetylated solid timber, perfect for all exterior timber structures, where the wood must not distort and remain dimensionally stable and durable. This makes Accoya the perfect material for these projects as swelling and shrinkage is reduced by over 75%.

This material can be used for a wide range of our bespoke joinery applications, such as windows and doors, bridges and gates.

Tricoya® wood elements technology is essentially an ‘Accoya MDF’, made using acetylated wood chips, particles and fibres.

The combined strength and flexibility of this wood, allows us to shape and curve the timber whilst eliminating potential issues, such as splitting. We are also able to build incredibly durable timber structures to withstand outdoor and wet conditions. This material is perfect for our more delicate bespoke joinery work, such as curved window frames and glazing bars.