First impressions count in so many ways and that applies close to home - to our front door in fact.

For many of us, making our home comfortable, personal and secure is something we take pride in or aspire too. That sense of style and personality is not confined to interiors, it starts on the doorstep.

A shabby, ill-fitting front door that has seen better days does not give a sense of welcome or entice you in and detracts from a house’s kerb appeal.

A quality front door in solid timber affects the overall look of a home’s exterior and gives a good impression as you enter the property.

Investing in a well-made, strong and durable front door makes a difference. With a range of designs and beautiful colours to choose from, whether traditional or contemporary, there is sure to be one that really hits home.

A bespoke solid hardwood front door shouts quality with the design down to personal choice of course, but looking at what suits the age and style of the property is a good starting point.

With so much choice to consider, Morris Joinery’s team can advise to help you through the process.

Our craftsmen have wide experience and have made doors for a variety of projects from small private works to large scale renovation projects.

Whether it’s a small cottage or a grand period home, the team will deliver quality work to your specifications.

To open the door to what’s available and to give your home the wow factor please contact our team.