Well designed and skilfully made joinery should be set off by a flawless finish to do it justice and this is where a paint spray booth really comes into its own.

A state-of-the art spray booth ensures a smooth, consistent and quality finish every time for doors, windows, furniture and other items made by our craftsmen.

It is important that timber products are finished correctly to prolong their life and maintain a strong appearance.

There are obvious benefits to using a spray booth for a quality paint finish because it is a fully enclosed, temperature-controlled and dust-free environment. The paint or stain can be applied in a controlled way to ensure a more consistent, superior long lasting finish.

It is also a more time efficient process than if applied by hand.

After the joinery is sprayed it is transferred to an adjacent drying room to be fully cured.

This fully finished service is becoming increasingly popular with our discerning customers which is why we made a significant investment in this equipment.

We can also provide and match any colour a customer wants to be applied in the spray booth.

When you have decided on your joinery project, we can advise and answer any queries you may have about the finish required.

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