Expanding our paint spray booth service

We have seen increased demand from customers and other joinery professionals for our service at our Bicton Business Park workshop. The booth was installed so doors, windows, furniture and other items it makes by hand could be supplied ready painted or lacquered with a quality factory finish.

It has been such a success since its installation in 2017 that it has been enlarged to incorporate a sanding room, with a downdraft bench to take dust away. In addition, Richard Lacon has been appointed as a full-time sprayer to ensure consistently high results.

Joinery Manager Matt Tyrrell said: “We invested in a state-of-the-art spray booth because our skilled craftsman produce high quality work and we wanted to offer an accompanying high-quality paint finish for all our joinery. The spray booth service has proved so popular that it made sense to expand it.”

The booth is a fully enclosed, temperature-controlled and dust-free environment. Paint can be applied in a controlled way to ensure a more consistent, superior long lasting finish. It is also quicker than if applied by hand. After the joinery work is sprayed it is transferred to a drying room to be fully cured.

The fashion for dual coloured windows and doors that are white or off-white on the inside with a different colour on the outside has shown the value of the spray booth.

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