Choosing Sash Windows For Timeless Design

Windows create a major impact on any building, not simply by bringing in light, but making their own design statement.  The sash window in particular, brings its own distinctive mark of elegance and the quality of timber surrounding the window plays its own important role in determining the overall appearance.

So just what is a sash window?

The sash denotes to a style of single glazing, although now we are able to double glaze the windows whilst maintaining the traditional look. A sash window has two sliding panels or “sashes” that slide vertically. One of the most common styles of sash window combines a timber sliding sash window with a cord and lead weight.

If your current window is beyond repair, instead of opting for newer models you could opt to replace them with a bespoke timber sash window to add additional style and quality. Replacing with a traditional bespoke sash style helps to maintain or restore the charm of a property.

How can Morris Joinery help?

Morris Joinery has been handcrafting wood for over 35 years and today the team are experts in helping customers create bespoke designs, working to exact specifications to produce premium quality windows.  Although other materials can be used to produce a sash window, timber looks great, is long lasting, very environmentally friendly and can be crafted to create either a traditional or modern look.  We recommend Sapele, a form of hardwood and member of the mahogany family. It has good durability and strength and can be used on both internal and external projects. It’s also great for painting and therefore ideal for windows and doors.

Whether you are looking to restore, replace or replicate your windows, the Morris Joinery team are here to help.

For further information, please contact Matthew Tyrrell on 01743 851 339 or contact us here.