Windows create a major impact on any building, not simply by bringing in light, but making their own design statement.  The sash window in particular, brings its own distinctive mark of elegance and the quality of timber surrounding the window plays its own important role in determining the overall appearance.

The dado joint has a long history of use in cabinet making and furniture making. It is simple but effective.

This particular joint dates back thousands of years, and craftsmen have relied on its strength and durability for good reason. It is usually the first joint learnt as a carpentry student and is perhaps one of the simplest joints to create, however more intricate variations can be mastered over time

A woodworking joint must be strong to resist the stresses that will be imposed on it. The design of most joints has evolved over centuries to solve the particular problems posed by solid wood construction.

Different sizes, shapes and species, we rely on them to mark the change of seasons throughout the year but how we do know when they are suffering? The majority of us wouldn’t be able to identify tree disease but it poses a serious threat to the UK and it continues to spread across the country.

Ironmongery may be the last thing you consider for your beautifully crafted joinery, but it’s an important finishing touch to complement those doors, windows, cabinets and other projects.

First impressions count in so many ways and that applies close to home - to our front door in fact.

You’ve chosen the joinery design that suits your sense of style and is just what you need, now you have to decide on a paint or stain finish.

Well designed and skilfully made joinery should be set off by a flawless finish to do it justice and this is where a paint spray booth really comes into its own.

When you are considering having some joinery work carried out, you will be asked a number of questions including those about what kind of timber you are looking to use. To the average Joe this is not something we may have put much thought into, but to Joinery professionals it can make all the difference.

Once you have decided on your joinery requirements and have discussed all elements of the timber, it’s time to think about the glazing aspect for your windows or doors and there are a number of aspects you will need to think about.

You may have heard the term ‘Accoya’ in relation to bespoke joinery and carpentry but it’s not always clear what it is, or what it’s used for.